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West Parking Lot I & Bus Depot

West Parking Lot I & Bus Depot

With construction in recent years of numerous projects on the west side of campus, (including the Draper Walsh Multi-purpose Stadium, a new softball playing field, the Mighty Macs Training Facility, and most recently the Mighty Macs Baseball Stadium); the Immaculata Athletic District has grown significantly, spurring the need for additional parking at peak times when multiple events may be occurring simultaneously.

Completed in late 2013, Lot I provides 213 spaces in five graded terraces, of which eight are dedicated for handicap usage. In addition, a four-stall bus lane has been established, which provides a safe area for loading and disembarking of sports teams and other visitors. New crosswalks and sidewalks have been laid out so as to link the Athletic District directly with the side entrance of Alumnae Hall where the primary locker rooms are. Alumnae Drive, portions of which were formerly a one-way street, has been converted to full two-way traffic, allowing for a safer and easier exit from campus onto King Road.  Lot lighting fixtures were selected so as to meet safe luminary standards, while minimizing transmission of ambient light into the atmosphere.  Sixty-one new canopy trees of six different species were planted within the islands and around the perimeter, assuring a more appealing site for generations to come.

The most notable features of this project are the two underground infiltration facilities which are hidden from public sight beneath the two lowest terraces of the parking lot. These large basins detain storm water runoff from the parking lot and baseball field, slowly discharging the water into the ground instead of allowing it to swell nearby Ridley Creek, thereby protecting environmentally sensitive ecosystems.

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