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Open Door Athletic Training Conversion

Open Door Athletic Training Conversion

Immaculata’ s recent expansion and diversification of athletic teams increased the need for a state-of-the-art facility that could more effectively provide for the treatments and rehabilitation of injured student athletes. Concurrently, Immaculata’s growing human movement science and athletic training programs necessitated a facility that effectively meets the specialized academic and programmatic needs of students.

Carefully planned spaces within the “Immaculata-blue,” sports-themed décor of this new 8,100 square foot facility, located at the terrace level of Alumnae Hall, include two demonstration classrooms with audio-visual accoutrements, a hydrotherapy room with five tubs, a spacious taping and bandaging area, a general treatment area with eight examination stations, a rehabilitation area with optimum exercise equipment, five offices, a conference room, support spaces, storage areas,  and more. In addition, improvements were made to the entrances of the adjacent Fitness Center as well as cosmetic improvements to the shared corridor which leads visitors into both facilities through a dramatic new gateway.

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