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Mighty Macs Baseball Stadium

Mighty Macs Baseball Stadium

Carved out of a hillside, the 688-seat grandstand of the new Mighty Macs Baseball Stadium overlooks a beautiful, fully irrigated Kentucky blue grass playing field.  A combined underground and surface drainage system assures optimum playing conditions and delivers storm water runoff to five rain gardens where native plant species filter out fertilizer nitrates and other contaminants, protecting nearby streams.

Major league-style backstop netting and extra-large recessed dugouts allow for a clean line of sight from any seat.  A stately press box with a rooftop platform for video broadcasting proudly bears the Immaculata University logo, while two spacious bullpens with pitcher’s mounds reside just beyond the outfield fence. A paved fitness trail surrounds the stadium and links it to a newly improved women’s softball field, as well as the recently constructed Mighty Macs Training Facility, where indoor batting and pitching practice can occur during inclement weather.

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