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Food Science Laboratory Renovation

Food Science Laboratory Renovation

Located on the third floor of Nazareth Hall, the 1,600 square foot Food Science Laboratory has been completely renovated from floor to ceiling, yielding a state-of-the-art facility designed to serve students studying nutrition and dietetics, as well as other food-related subjects.

The bright, contemporary décor of this flexible space provides traditional classroom-style seating for 20 students, with furniture that may also be arranged in other configurations to create banquet or restaurant scenarios. Four elaborate cooking stations, each designed to accommodate four students with their durable quartz countertops and clean white cabinetry, are superbly equipped with stainless steel appurtenances, including variable speed exhaust hoods, double-bowl sinks, ovens which provide both radiant and convection heating, as well as cook-tops which provide both radiant and induction heating. In addition, microwave ovens are built into cabinet drawers that open and close automatically, and a commercial grade dishwasher scours a complete set of dishes in four minutes or less.

Separate freezers, refrigerators, and pantry  closets meet basic storage needs. One of the four cooking stations is fully ADA-compliant, and is even equipped with an automated cooking top which is motorized so that it can be easily raised or lowered to accommodate special needs. A fifth cooking station is mounted on wheels so that it may be “undocked” and utilized by professors for demonstration purposes, while closed circuit television cameras broadcast a view of this cook-top out to overhead monitors at each of the other cooking stations or out to a large, electrically operated projection screen. Behind the walls and ceilings, a new exhaust system coupled with a new make-up air system assures that the indoor air quality remains healthy.

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