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Campus Master Plan

The site plan portrays the University’s existing campus and depicts Immaculata’s basic larger scale, future projects. As with any work of art in progress, please view it with the knowledge that some portions of this painting will be subject to a few more strokes of the brush, as well as divine provision.



April 2011:
Mighty Macs Baseball Stadium

September 2011:
P.O.D. Market at Loyola Hall

December 2011:
Parking Lot ‘H’ & Environmental Safeguards

January 2012:
Lillian P. Lettiere Center: Admissions & Financial Aid Building

July 2012:
Nazareth Dining Hall: Entry way Renovation

August 2012:
Open Door Athletic Training Conversion

September 2012:
Food Science Laboratory Renovation

October 2012:
Pathways Phase #1: Academic Advising Offices

January 2013:
ImmacuLatté:  Gabriele Library Café

August 2014:
West Campus Housing: Phase 1

September 2014:
Gabriele Library Knowledge Commons: Phase 3

October 2014:
CLL Non-Traditional Recruitment Offices



West  Campus  Housing: Phase 2

Student Activity Center: Addition & Renovations to Good Counsel Hall